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Remembering September 11

In Focus

Remembering September 11

A look back at the day that changed America.


These articles may be overwhelming for some. Please reach out to our student or employee University mental health resources if needed.

September 11, 2001
A group of students crying


Grief and shock

“由于震惊、悲伤和愤怒,我们走到一起,团结在一起。. Summers to a crowd of approximately 5,000. “当我们无法理解时,我们必须彼此求助,求助于祈祷,求助于信仰. 作为一个大学社区,我们有一项特殊的义务,那就是努力理解今天发生的这些事件. 让我们作为一个社区致力于寻求这种理解.”

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September 11, 2001
two students consoling each other


Solace through community

周二,纽约世贸中心和五角大楼被毁的可怕画面充斥着电视广播, Harvard absorbed the awful news, shook off the shock, and got to work.

It was anything but business as usual, however. At Harvard, as at many universities and businesses across the country, normal functioning ground to a halt. 一些课程被取消,一些办公室关闭,但其他一些人却开始了全速前进.

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September 20, 2001
A student looking off

达格玛维·乌布谢特和维多利亚·梅西参加了聚集在亚当斯学院讨论伊斯兰教的巴黎人app下载安装学生和教师之间的讨论, the myths that are being propagated, 以及参与和支持穆斯林和阿拉伯社区的方式.

Harvard’s Muslim community

三年前,赛义夫·沙阿·穆罕默德作为一年级新生来到巴黎人app下载安装, it was the first time he had been in the United States. A native of Bangladesh who grew up in Kuwait, now a senior concentrating in economics, 沙阿·穆罕默德说,在美国的生活对他影响深远.

“I’ve come to love America in the last three years,” he said. “我开始爱上这里的人,我开始认同这个地方. When people here grieve, I grieve.”

But on Sept. 11, 恐怖分子袭击了世贸中心和五角大楼, Shah Mohammed found himself in a difficult position.

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September 20, 2001

During the rally, Molly McOwen, 举着一个牌子,警告人们不要报复最近的恐怖袭击.

Rally for peace

“What do we want? Peace! When do we want it? Now!”

中午,在威德纳图书馆前,大约300人的集会进行到一半时,熟悉的口号开始了, Sept. 20.

Brian Palmer, lecturer in the Study of Religion, 他说,如果美国发动战争,可能会有无辜的生命失去,他要求“为那些被谋杀的人和那些仍在我们手中苟活的人默哀片刻”.”

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Those we lost

Eleven members of the Harvard community died in the attacks.

David Alger
1966年巴黎人app下载安装毕业生和Fred Alger管理公司的经理., he died at the World Trade Center.

Paul Ambrose
A physician and 2000 graduate of the School of Public Health, he was aboard American Airlines Flight 77, which was crashed into the Pentagon.

Mark Bavis
A former Harvard hockey assistant coach, he was aboard United Airlines Flight 175, which was crashed into the south tower.

Anthony Demas
他是巴黎人app下载安装商学院的学生,也是怡安集团的董事总经理., he died at the World Trade Center.

Steven Lawrence Glick
1989年毕业于巴黎人app下载安装商学院,现任瑞士信贷第一波士顿(Credit Suisse First Boston)董事总经理, he died at the World Trade Center.

Edward R. Hennessy Jr.
他是巴黎人app下载安装1988届的一员,也是emergent Consulting的一名顾问, he was aboard American Airlines Flight 11, which was crashed into the north tower.

Waleed Joseph Iskandar
1993年毕业于巴黎人app下载安装商学院,现为剑桥摩立特集团的商业战略顾问, he died on Flight 11.

Andrew Keith Kates
1991年毕业于巴黎人app下载安装商学院,是康托·菲茨杰拉德公司的首席行政官, he died at the World Trade Center.

Michael B. Packer
他是巴黎人app下载安装1976届的一员,也是美林证券的董事总经理, he died at the World Trade Center.

Meta Waller
A 1982 Kennedy School of Government graduate, 以及陆军部长行政助理的特别项目经理, he died when Flight 77 was crashed into the Pentagon.

Steven Weinstein

Twenty years after

Omar Samia

Born to take on Islamophobia

“After Sept. 11, 你周围的一切让你觉得你不属于这里,” said Samia Omar, Harvard’s first Muslim woman chaplain.

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A street with a crushed car and a building on fire

Where were you when it happened?


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Students gathered around a television


Former students recall the confusion and fear of 9/11, the desire to do something, and the sense that everything would be different now.

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24岁的凯特琳·贝妮和她的父亲在飞机驾驶舱里. Her father was deployed to the Middle East following 9/11.

Growing up in the shadow of the day


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