Finance your vacation with an adapted credit

The principles of travel credit

The principles of travel credit

To help families wishing to spend a great vacation without breaking the bank, banks and credit houses are now offering travel or leisure credit. This form of cash credit has developed with the proliferation of low cost companies and family vacation centers. This is a consumer loan which provides a certain amount of money which will be used to finance part or all of the expenses related to the holidays. The travel credit must be used for the invoicing for which it is intended. The beneficiary must therefore provide proof of purchase for most cases. After acceptance of the request, the amount granted can be paid within 48 hours of validation in the customer’s personal account. Which makes it a fast consumer credit.

Like all consumer loans, travel credit requires certain conditions. It is necessary to carry out a credit simulation online in order to determine the ideal amount and define the duration of the repayment. The latter can be spread over several months, even years.

The different travel credit formulas

The different travel credit formulas

Travel credit can take form in three different formulas.

  • The personal loan or unrestricted loan is a credit without proof with which one can finance in full his vacation expenses. It can be used to travel anywhere or finance any travel related expense. The amount does not exceed 75,000 USD and the repayment period can range from 3 months to 10 years.
  • The affected loan: is often offered by suppliers (travel agencies, reception centers, associations, etc.) when purchasing the service.
  • Revolving credit: a sum usable at any time will be paid to you to finance your vacation expenses, whether it be travel expenses, accommodation, meals or activities. The available credit is replenished as and when your repayments, up to the maximum authorized amount.

In order to know the credit rate and find the most advantageous offers for you, do not hesitate to rely on travel credit comparators.

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