Credit with business evaluation


A BWA (business evaluation) provides information about the current financial condition of a company. It is particularly important when it comes to borrowing, because this is how the bank clerk sees how the company is doing. This BWA significantly influences the credit decision.

BWA credit

BWA credit

A bank clerk must have business knowledge to read BWA data. It also takes a lot of time. To accelerate the process, many banks do without the BWA and are content with the income tax return. Even so, it is not easy for the self-employed to get a loan at all. The concern of banks is that they don’t get their money on time because economic conditions are subject to fluctuations. It can never be predicted how sales will turn out. For many banks, a loan with BWA is therefore an incalculable risk, which is why they reject any request directly.

Banks that lend to the self-employed

Banks that lend to the self-employed

However, there are also banks that have agreed to lend to the self-employed. The so-called Credit Bureau-free loans are not eligible for a loan with BWA. In most cases, these loans are provided by foreign banks. Because they do not provide information from Credit Bureau, they want other guarantees. In order to obtain such a loan, the applicant needs an employment relationship subject to social security contributions with an income of at least 1,100 USD. All other professional groups or unemployed are excluded from these loans, and a BWA is of no use.

In addition to the established banks mentioned, there are a few banks on the Internet that are also ready for a loan with BWA. A correspondingly quick answer can be found via the relevant search engines. The application for a loan can usually be made directly to the bank online. After all relevant documents have been sent using the Postident procedure, the money will be made available within a few days. However, you shouldn’t give yourself too much hope for a large selection. In contrast to conventional installment loans, there are not many providers who appreciate the self-employed as customers, because most financial institutions shy away from the risk.

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