Cash loan with no history in Credit Checker

Applying for a cash loan when our credit history is clean is a big problem for young people. There are several reasons and the first of them is the uncertainty whether a given liability will be repaid. When calculating the risk, banks try to limit it, therefore a person with a positive history in Credit Checker is a much better customer than a young person, who is just planning to make a commitment.

Even a person who already uses installment purchases only after 6 months becomes credible to banks and points are accrued in Credit Checker, which means that banks will look at us with a better eye.

Never having an obligation and being in need

Never having an obligation and being in need

It is worth choosing those banks that do not see this problem in procedures and we can include several in such banks. Below I will try to present more or less where I, as a financial intermediary, directs my clients and helps them arrange the required loan.

The first place to go is Good Finance Bank due to the fact that the system based on the collected information assesses us as customers and calculates scoring. People with no history in Credit Checker, however, with good employment are able to receive a loan on very good terms for up to 120 months.

The offer is one of the best where Good Finance Bank has the best offers for virtually every group of clients earning at least USD 2,000 net. This bank offers loans up to USD 200,000 for 10 years with an interest rate of up to 5.99%, however, not for every customer because employment is verified very well.

A young person with no history in Credit Checker can easily count on a loan of USD 30,000 and even more, but we cannot assess it without entering the client into the system.

The second bank that looks favorably on people without a credit history

The second bank that looks favorably on people without a credit history

is Good Credit, which has recently been very open to every customer. Many cases go there because the process is very fast and this bank wants to give loans. People with no history can count on virtually any loan but just like in Good Finance Bank, only entering the application allows us to generate an offer.

The bank only needs an application and account statement from the calculation of its capacity for 6 full months. Good Credit requires a lot lower earnings and you only need a national minimum to apply for a loan.

This bank has recently introduced a 120-month period for amounts over USD 30,000 and the conditions depend on several factors such as the loan amount or the bank’s customer and additional products. The conditions are 6.99%.

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